New Animated Text Fields

Finally, the fancy animated text fields are integrated in the rest of the user interface for the Mac! And on top of that, we just came up with a brand new implementation of those text fields. We just think those animated text fields are a great way to both visualize the tags, and edit them, with one single user interface element; it helps us making a user interface that is not cluttered, and therefore simple.

If you’re interested in how we did it, here are some nice things about this new implementation:

  • it uses Core Animation instead of NSAnimation; it’s a nicer API, and most importantly, we can probably hope for a much better drawing performance;
  • it’s done in a way that should be fully compatible with Leopard, which helps us meet our goals of backward compatibility;
  • it also supports several shapes for the text field; note that we are now using rounded text fields;
  • it works both when creating the text fields with Interface Builder and programmatically.

And of course, it’s still open source. So, feel free to use it in your application! Here is the source file.

Any comments?

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    New Animated Text Fields

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