A TagAdAfternoon in freezing December

A cup of coffee for me, a plate of Pasta Bolognese for Joel. Each of our Macs plugged, the afternoon can begin.

We start with a quick sum up on the new developments in TagAdA for the last months. It’s been a little over a year since we seriously started working on TagAdA, but these past months, the progress in the project has been slowing down, essentially because most of us are now working. But some bumps have been made, especially in communication around the project and organization. We believe we have really good foundations for the future.

Now let’s talk code. A while ago Loïc implemented the folder monitoring in Qt, but we wanted to see if the FSEvents API was a better solution for the Mac branch; but the Qt API seemed pretty clear and with no real drawbacks, and allowed us to have a cross-platform implementation; so we decided to stick with it, and just fixed a very annoying bug we found in that code.

Finally, we focused on fancy text field displaying (animating the editing field, visible only when hovered). NSAnimation let us do exactly what we needed, but we still need work on some things for it to work in TagAdA. Here’s how it looks:

We hope you like it!

Until next time, you take care!

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